U.S. Department of Education releases more than $ 3 billion in US rescue plan funds to support children with disabilities States receive an additional fiscal year 2021 Financing to support individuals with disabilities Law grant programs of Education 1 of, 2021 Contact: Press Office, (202) 401-1576, Press@ed.gov
  • The US Department UU Education today published more than $ 3 billion in funds from the Rescue Plan (ARP) of the United States to States to support Babies, small children, children and young people with disabilities. The new financing will help to help more than 7.9 million children, young children and students serve under the Education Law of People with Disabilities (IDEA) and add to the Emergency Assignment of Elementary School and ARP secondary of $ 122 billion in state funds for K-12 schools, which the department announced in March.

    Today's announcement reaffirms the commitment of the Biden-Harris administration to address inequities exacerbated by the pandemic and aimed at resources to historically neglected communities through the US rescue plan and other efforts of Help.

    "We know that Covid-19 and interruptions in access to learning in person during the last year have taken a disproportionate toll in the United States children with disabilities, which, too often in the midst of the Pandemic, he experienced challenges when receiving the services and supports to those who were entitled, "said Secretary of Education of the United States, Miguel Cardona. "It's a past time that the federal government makes it its commitment to students with disabilities and their families, and today's announcement is one of the many steps that Biden-Harris administration has taken to support students with disabilities . With these crucial funds of the US rescue plan, our Early Intervention Plan and Schools may better address the needs of babies, young children, children and young people with disabilities and will ensure that our educational system is even stronger than Before the pandemic ".

    In addition to freeing the funds, the Department of Education published a fact sheet that describes how the ideas states within ARP can be used by States to support babies, small children, children and young people with disabilities .

    The more than $ 3 billion in funds were assigned within the 2014 (a) section of the ARP and will be added to the three main programs of main formulas:

  • $ 2.6 billion for IDEA PART SUPERVISE TO THE STATES (Section 611) for children and young people with disabilities from 3 to 21 years.
  • $ 200 million for the idea of ​​preschool parts (section 619) for children with disabilities from 3 to 5.
  • $ 250 million for piece of idea c scholarships For babies and young children with disabilities and their family IES.

    The Special Education Programs Office of the Department will manage and supervise the Funds of Section 2014 ARP 2014 (a) to States and other designated agencies. In general, these prizes are subject to the same requirements under Idea and uniform orientation as all IDEA funds.

    The table below describes the amount of financing of the state educational agency or the designated agency received from the ARP section 2014 (a).

    Total Idea Award ARP

    total US

    $ 3,030,000,000


    $ 43.837.038 < / p>

    $ 10,484,939

    / p>

    $ 52,881,982


    $ 31,173,397

    $ 301,065,500


    $ 44,600,239

    Connecticut < p> $ 31,553,398


    $ 10,397,813

    $ 174,928,954


    $ 95,169,834


    $ 11,210,995

    $ 15,541,956 < / p>


    $ 120,069,770

    $ 70,121,609

    $ 29,012,184


    $ 29,387,261


    $ 45,460,922

    $ 47,458,231 < / p>


    $ 13,711,111


    $ 53,968.5

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