The Department of Education implements teaching the subsidy's program changes to benefit teachers and students the American Family Plan would duplicate the amount of granting and carry out additional program improvements 1, 2021 Contact: (202) 401-1576, PRESS @ ED. GOV
  • The US Department of Education UU ( ED) today announced changes to education assistance for teachers for the University Subsidies Program and higher education (teach), the only federal granting program for students who directly benefit teachers who work in high fields Need and unattended schools. ED implemented changes as the Biden-Harris administration proposes more improvements to the program through the US Family Plan, which would duplicate the annual amount of the subsidy, would increase the program's flexibilities, would address the high grant conversion rates on loan, and will guarantee better results for teachers and students.

    "Our teachers are champions of possible possible students and administrators of their success. respecting and honoring teachers who serve students with the greatest needs, it also requires that we make sure that these educators receive the Support to which they are entitled to this important federal program without having to jump through unnecessary rings, "said Secretary of Education of the United States, Miguel Cardona. "The changes announced today provide very necessary improvements to the teaching grant. And, through the plan of American families, even greater investments will be made in the program to strengthen teachers' pipelines, support the retention of teachers and address the shortage of critical teachers. That all children throughout the United States can be taught by well-prepared and outstanding educators. "

    About the Teaching Instruction Program

    The teachers program provides grants of up to $ 4,000 each year to students. They are completing or plan to complete the work of the course necessary to start a teaching career. Unlike other subsidies of federal students, the teaching ocension requires that the beneficiaries agree to complete four years of teaching in a field of need for high need and the school unattended as a condition to receive the grant.

    For each year that a teaching grant is granted, the recipient must complete the online advice explaining the terms and conditions of the subsidy and firm an agreement in which the recipient agrees to teach in an agency School or educational services that serve low-income history students, and at a high I need Field.

    Today, if a recipient did not complete the four years of teaching required within a period of eight years, called the obligation of the service, or send the required documentation within eight years after graduating from or Otherwise, stop attending the school where Grant Teaching was granted, the teaching occupation became a non-subsidized direct loan that must be reimbursed in its entirety. The loan included the interest accumulated from the date of disbursement of the grant.

    Changes in the program now indeed

    The rules of the program of the education grant now provide greater flexibility and processes to eliminate the points of pain The subsidies of the subsidies were previously experienced . Program. Among the regulatory changes that take effect today:

  • The advice of the teaching license is required, and the advice will inform the recipients that the dongante service of present, the Fedloan service, will now send annual notifications Detailed to recipients that include the requirements of obligation of services and timelines, documentation reminders, estimates of accumulated interest and explanations about the reconversion process.
  • the beneficiaries of the teaching grant will no longer have their donations converted into loans if they do not certify that they have begun to teach or try to start teaching within 120 days after graduating or withdrawing from school, and not There is no requirement for beneficiaries to certify their intention to teach within 120 days of graduating or separating from school.
  • If the recipients of the education grant do not certify at the end of each year of TEAC.
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