st. John's university leaders took a counterintuitive but calculated risk three years ago when they decided to reduce the cost of enrollment and resort to donors to help replace lost income. Some observers considered that the reckless movement; Others rejected it as a public relations trick. But today, St. John's is a step closer to comply with the fundraising goal of $ 300 million established in 2018.

The university announced earlier this month that it had canceled another $ 50 Millions of donors and assured a $ 50 million party. Grant of the Winiarski Family Foundation. Since the launch of the fundraising campaign of five years in 2018, the Private Liberal Arts College has raised $ 245.3 million.

"We are ahead ahead," said Mark Roosevelt, president of St. John's College in Santa Fe and the President of the University for the institution, which also operates a campus in Annapolis, MD.

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    The fundraising campaign is an essential piece of the reinstatement plan of college enrollment. When the administrators of the University announced in 2018, that the enrollment was being reduced by $ 17,000, which reduces the price to attend of $ 52,000 to $ 35,000, they would compensate for the lost income of enrollment by increasing $ 300 million in The course of five years.

    The re-establishment of enrollment caught the attention of students and parents who were intrigued by the new transparent adhesive price. He also drawn skepticism and optimism of experts in higher education who wondered if the new college income model would be sustainable.

    Until now, the bet has given its fruits. Registration, donations and requests for future students have increased since 2018.

    The fundraising campaign will continue for another two years, during which the university must raise another $ 55 million. Roosevelt said he is sure that the university will reach the $ 300 million mark.

    "We feel that people have really intensified," he said. "For a university of our size, $ 300 million is a very, very large goal, now it is clear to me that we will find that goal". googleg.cmd.push (function () googleg.display ("dfp-ad-article_in_article");); Do you want to announce? Click here

    Although St. John's leaders believe that enrollment restores a success, experts doubt that many other private institutions follow their example immediately. The pandemic left many universities with depressed registrations and uncertain finances. Many institutions are waiting for more evidence that a reinstatement of registration really works, said Justin Draeger, president and CEO of the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators.

    "I had many conversations with universities about universities over in recent years, but very few have skipped with both feet and, actually, they took out the trigger," he said.

    A blessing for the inscription

    st. John's admission officers vanished through 1,472 requests this spring, more than the university has received, said Ben Baum, vice president of enrollment. The Competitive University accepted 893 students, and so far, 297 new students have committed to attend the two campuses in the fall.

    The biggest applications in St. John's are a hopeful sign that the university can be recovering quickly. Of the economic blows of the pandemic. Like many colleges and universities throughout the country, the registration fell on St. John's during the pandemic. The account of the undergraduate head fell to 677 during the Academic Year 2020-21, of 828 students the previous year. Registration was reduced by the entire Board at the national level by 2.5 percent and 3.5 percent during the autumn semesters 2020 and Spring 2021, respectively. Registration experts are uncertain when and if registration levels

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