European University Leaders met in Bologna, Italy, almost 33 years ago to sign Magna Charta Universitatum, a document that affirms fundamental values ​​of autonomy and academic freedom. In the coming decades, the number of universities that sign the document grew from the original from 388 to around 900, from almost 90 countries around the world.

The tactile stone document was due to an update. University leaders gathered virtually last week to celebrate the launch and signing of a new Magna Charta, which expands on the principles described in the original document in the light of the globalization of higher education that occurred in the decades since The first magna charta was signed in September. 18, 1988.

"The world has become unimaginizingly interconnected at the time of the original statement," says the new document. "Universities have proliferated around the world, increasing dramatically in the variety, as well as the scope and mission. Worldwide, the number and diversity of students seeking a university education have increased, since they have their reasons for Do it and expectations of their families and communities. "

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    The document describes an erosion of trust in experience and changing modes of learning, teaching and research. "Despite these changes," says the document, "the potential for higher education to be a positive agent of change and social transformation supports. The principles established in Magna Charta Universitatum are as valid today, since In 1988, and are the precondition necessary for human progress through research, analysis and solid action. "

    David Lock, the Secretary General of the Magna Charta Observatory, an association of signatory universities, said the new document does not turn off from the basic principles of the original.

    "Note the principles are the same," he said. "They are all: the importance of autonomy, the importance of academic freedom, the importance of universities that serve society.

    " What this adds this is more details about the type of challenges they face Universities, the contexts in which they work and what could be the expectations of society. For example, sustainability is now a much larger issue that faces universities ... of what was in 1988. And equity and access to higher education, this has become a much greater topic for universities Now that in 1988 ".

    " There is also a sense in which the new document is more audacious than the previous one, for example, the education of the unequivocal declaration is a human right, "the lock continued. "This academic argument continues today. Is it a human right, it is a public good, it is good? This document comes out and says very boldly, 'education is a human right, a public good and must be available for all' ". googleg.cmd.push (function () googleg.display (" DFP-Ad- Article_in_Article ");); Do you want to announce? Click here

    An international group drafted the document, which was developed with generalized consultation: Lock said more than 200 institutions responded to the questionnaires sent as part of the drafting process. < / P>

    The eight-member drafting group included a representative of students, Tamires Gomes Sampaio, Brazilian. Sampaio said during a virtual event that celebrates the official launch of the document last week than the new document "is a type of recognition that we are part of the University, not only as passive subjects, but as active actors that are part of construction and implementation. Of these principles that Defend MCU. "

    Sijbolt Noda, President Emeritus of the University of Amsterdam and Chairman of the Drafting Committee, he said

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