Cardona Secretary: Title IX The 'stronger tool' in the protection of educational opportunities free of sexual discrimination June 23, 2021 Contact: Press office, (202) 401-1576, Press @
  • The Secretary of Education, Miguel Cardona, published today The following declaration in recognition of the 49th anniversary of Title IX of the 1972 Education Amendments, commonly known as "Title IX".

    "today brands 49 years from the passage of Title IX, the strongest tool we have to protect the right of each student to equal access to free educational opportunities of sexual discrimination. Due to this Rule of benchmarks, our nation has made a significant progress to make our self-concept as an opportunity land for all -From to increase equality in science, technology, engineering and mathematical education; allow and encourage more women and girls to participate in sports; to ensure fairer funds in athletic programs; to protect students from sexual discrimination, including sexual violence. In the midst of this progress, we recognize that there is still more to do, when we know that students They still experience harassment, the exclusion of school activities and other forms of discrimination that ST and on their way reaching their full potential and their dream s. I am proud of the actions that the Biden-Harris administration has taken so far to ensure that Title IX protects the civil rights of all students, including LGBTQ + students, in our schools and college campuses. As Secretary of Education, I am committed to ensuring that Title IX jobs for all students and provide equal access to opportunities that enrich students' educational experiences and their futures. "

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    In the observance of the 49th anniversary of Title IX, the Civil Rights Office of the US Department of Education. UU today issued a letter of educators and, in conjunction with the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice of the USA UU., A new fact sheet: confrontation of anti-lgbtqi + harassment in schools: A resource for students and families.

    The Education Department Education Letter is available here. < / P>

    The Department of Education and Data Sheet of the Department of Justice, confronting Anti-LGBTQI + harassment in schools: A resource for students and families, is available here.

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