Santa Fe Community College has had better days. University administrators canceled five academic programs, dismissed from four faculty members and cut eight staff positions this spring. Those decisions followed other difficult budgetary measurements last year, including the termination of 68 employees, the reduction of 20 unfilling positions and the closure of the campus library and food services.

"The pandemic has introduced numerous financial challenges and exacerbated," Becky Rowley, the president of the New Mexico College, said in a statement last month, announcing and explaining cuts to members of the campus. "As a company funded by public taxes, it is our duty to serve our community as an efficient, sustainable and agile institution ... For me personally, this is a really difficult situation, I want you to know that I think we are doing everything possible to Respond to the severity of our circumstances with compassion and a continuous dedication to the students and the community that we serve ".

While the pandemic has brought painful belt decisions in many other community colleges throughout the country, Santa Fe cuts have been especially difficult.

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    The institution lost almost $ 2 million in registration and Rates last year, 30 percent fall from the previous academic year, due to steep registration decreases. The registration in the autumn of 2020 fell around 27 percent, to 3,906 students, from 5,455 in the autumn of 2019. The decrease was more than double the national average for community colleges. Santa Fe administrators formally declared financial requirement in May 2020.

    "Two million dollars to our colleges is a gigantic amount of money so that I have to deal with," said Nick, Vice President of Finance in Santa FE. He noted that eliminating the programs and positions of the faculty, including two non-filling slots, saved the university $ 454,000. The College has a deficit of $ 1.2 million. (Note: This paragraph was updated to correct the amount of money that university officials said, was saved by eliminating the programs and positions of the faculty).

    Davis Jenkins, Senior Research Scholar at the College Community Research Center at Teachers College of Columbia University, said Santa Fe cuts can be an omen of the things that must come for community universities.

    nationally, the registration of the university community has been falling since 2012, which contributed to the falls in state funds over the years and made registration losses related to the pandemic, a particularly coup Relative, Jenkins said. He noted that program cuts in community universities were less prevalent than I expected this past academic year, partly due to federal stimulus funds, but more community colleges were worried, they should dramatically reduce costs next year as Registration remains low and stimulus money runs out. .

    "Many, many schools could be in the position of Santa Fe, where they have to make quick cuts, and that is a challenge for any institution," he said. googleg.cmd .push (function () googleg.display ("dfp-ad-article_in_article");); Do you want to announce? Click here

    Some members of the faculty in Santa Fe are concerned that the administrators reviewed the program's review of the usual accepted processes and without the entry of the formal faculty.

    Stephen Degiulio, teacher education teacher, said declaring a financial emergency. Administrators allowed to omit the review process of the usual program. DEGIULIO is also the president of the American Association of the University professors chapter at school, which did not take a formal posture on the program cuts. However, he said that union leaders are trying to learn more about the financial statement of the university and, for what reasons he declared Financia

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