• George Arasimowicz, Dean of College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences at the Central University of the State, in Ohio, has been selected as a supplier and vice president of academic affairs at the State University of Emporia, in Kansas.
  • Jay Brewster, Professor of Biology and Divisional Dean of the Division of Natural Sciences at the Natural University of the University of Pepperdine, in California, in California, has been named Pepperdine Academic Officer.
  • Caron L. Daugherty, Vice President of Instruction at the University of the Metropolitan Community, Kansas, has been chosen as President of Flint Hills Technical College, also in Kansas.
  • Rachel Pokrandt, Vice President and Campus Dean in Colorado Mountain College, has been selected as President of Umpqua Community College, in Oregon.
  • Lauren Schellenberger, Dean of the College and Vice President of Academic Affairs in Culver-Stockton College, in Missouri, has been promoted to the provision and vice president of academic matters there.
  • Julius Sokeu, Acting President of Moorpark College, California, has been appointed to the work of a permanent base.
  • Noah Thip, Executive Director of the Urban Commitment Center, President of Urban Studies and Professor of Urban Studies and International Relations and International Relations, in Illinois, in Illinois, has been chosen as Provost at the University of Calvin, in Michigan.
  • David M. Ward, Provost and Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs at the University of Norte de Carolina Pembroke, has been appointed Vice President Senior and Provost at the University of Wilkes, in Pennsylvania.


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