The Department of Education announces the approval of new borrower defense claims for a total of $ 500 million in loan relief to 18,000 Borrowers June 16, 2021 Contact: Press office, ( 202) 401-1576,
  • the department Education of the United States (department) announced today the approval of 18,000 defense of the borrower to reimbursement claims (defense of the borrower) for people who attended the ITT Technical Institute (ITT). These Borrowers will receive a loan download of 100 percent, which will result in approximately $ 500 million in relief. This brings the total cancellation of loans under the defense of the borrower by the Biden-Harris administration to $ 1.5 billion for approximately 90,000 Borrowers.

    "Our action today will give thousands of Borrowers a new beginning and the relief they deserve after ITT repeatedly lied to them," said Secretary of Education, Miguel Cardona. "Today's action is part of the continued commitment of the Biden-Harris administration to defend Borrowers when their institutions take advantage of them. Many of these Borrowers have waited for a long time for relief, and we must work quickly to make decisions for Those whose claims are still pending. This work also emphasizes the need for continuous liAbility so that institutions will never be able to compromise this type of widespread deception. "

    These approvals cover two categories of claims submitted by Borrowers who attended ITT: their probable employment prospects and the Ability to transfer credits. This is the first approval of a new borrower's defense claim category from the department since January 2017.

    on employment prospects, the department is expanding the findings previously made for students who attended To the ITT in California to cover the Borrowers, regardless of where they attend. The review of the evidence found that it printed repeated and significant misrepresentations related to how much they could expect to win and the work they could obtain after graduation between 2005 and the closure of the institution in 2016. In fact, the Borrowers repeatedly declared that They include ITT Assistance to Curriculums made it harder to find a job, and their work prospects were not improved by attending ITT.

    Similarly, the department discovered that he entered students on the Ability to transfer his credits from other institutions from January 2007 to October 2014. The department found that credits are rarely transferred and the Borrowers did not achieve any progress throughout their education. Travel, but it was saddled with the debt of student loans as a result of its time in ITT.

    These findings were possible thanks to the tests provided by the partners at the consumer's financial protection office and the Office of the Iowa Attorney General, as well as the success of veterans education. The department hopes to continue working with these organizations and others when schools participate in the behavior that harm Borrowers.

    The department will begin to notify the Borrowers of their approvals in the coming weeks and then work on an expedited way to approval of the approximately $ 500 million loan balances for these Borrowers.

    Today's action continues the efforts of the department to provide relief of specific loans to student Borrowers and ensure that the borrower's defense and other relief programs are delivering promised assistance to Borrowers. In March, the agency took steps to grant $ 1 billion in a distress to 72,000 Borrowers with claims approved previously. The Department also suspended requests for profit documentation from Borrowers who had received a download of total and permanent disAbility. This action rejoined the downloads for 41,000 Borrowers and will help protect another 190,000 Borrowers from losing their downloads. In addition, the department announced plans to carry out the regulation of the borrower's defense, the total and the perm

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