California Community System System The budget officers disagree with the members of the faculty and their union about what is generally a cause of celebration, an increase in state funding.

Members of the faculty are in favor of a budget proposal by the state legislature that includes $ 170 million for the hiring of 2,000 members of the full-time faculty, which would make the system less Dependent on the attached instructors. But the numerical crops of the system distrust the long-term implications of said financing decision. They believe that the configuration of such a large sum specifically for the contracting of the faculty risks financially after the pronounced inscription falls during the pandemic, the calm reported.

"Excessive contracting in an enrollment environment can cause painful budgetary reductions, dismissals, permits," said Aaron Brown, president-elect of the Association of Bosses Business Officials, in a letter to those responsible Politicians on financing and recruitment concerns. The Association represents the Financial Officers of the California Community System.

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