Students of architecture and postgraduate planning that are committed to working on positions related to social Justice for at least three years after they graduate will be eligible to apply for full enrollment scholarships at the University of California, the College of Berkeley's environmental design through a new four-year pilot program funded by donors.

Programs to encourage students to enter into public interest work are well established in education, law and medicine and, in general, are carried out through debt forgiveness programs student. But the Berkeley program is much more unusual, and possibly unique, in the world of architecture and design.

"What we have found in recent years with enrollment increases is that the burden of student debt has been real. Barrier to people who perform the type of radical and transformational work of Justice Social who want to do, "said Vishaan Chakrabarti, William W. Wurster Decan from Environmental Design College. "This really allows them to do that, it gives them the liberty of not having to worry about the student debt and, instead, concentrate on how they can return to color communities and other marginalized communities and have a social impact."

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