Declaration of the US Secretary of Education. UU Miguel Cardona on the results of April 2021 NOEP survey in the reopening of the school June 10, 2021 Contact: Press Office, (202 ) 401-1576,
  • " today's data reaffirm what we have been seeing and listening for months, that we have fulfilled and overcome the President Biden's goal of reopening most K-8 schools, and that, as a nation, we continue to make a significant progress in reopening As many schools as possible before summer, April, 96 percent of K-8 schools offered learning options in person and 59 percent of these schools offered full-time instruction in person. Since speaking with educators, students, parents and districts throughout the country, know that an additional reopening progress was made in May and the It's first weeks of June. While today's data show that, for the first time, this year, more students of fourth grade black and Hispanic attended school in full-time person in April to attend completely at a distance, we have more work to do to guarantee that the Black, Hispanic and Asian students have the students. Equal access to learning options in person as their white companions, and that parents and students feel safe again learning within school buildings.

    "Schools have shown that they can, and should offer learning opportunities in person five days a week to each student. With greater access to vaccines and tests, unprecedented funds from the US rescue plan , and resources like our Covid manuals and the best practices that Clearinghouse, is my expectation that all schools offer full-time in person learning to each student. The department will continue working with schools and districts during the coming months to provide More students access to summer learning opportunities for reengage and prepare them for the 2021 school year and ensure that each student can learn and thrive five days a week within their classrooms. "This fall."

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