Declaration of the United States Department of Education on the Recognition State of nine Accreditation Agencies and Recognition Agencies of the Accreditation Council for Colleges and Independent Schools June 2, 2021 Contact: Press Office, ( 202) 401- 1576,
  • " Nowadays the Department of Education (ED) the official of the main department (SDO) informed nine accreditors about the state of recognition. The following agencies were approved for recognition renewal for five years:

  • American Board of Funeral Services Education, Accreditation Committee
  • Association of Jewish Studies Institutions
  • American Association of Audience Speech-Language, Council on Academic Accreditation in Audiology and Pathology Speech Language < / li>
  • advice on education me Dica naturopath
  • Education accreditation council at Midwifery
  • ACCREDITION BOARD Montessori in Edice Educiceficie
  • National Commission of Acreditation of Career and Science, Inc.

    "The SDO also notified the Accreditation Commission for massage therapy that within 12 months, must comply with the specific criteria described in the SDO Charter and submit a report of Compliance that demonstrates compliance with the Agency. If the recognition is renewed after a decision on the compliance report, the recognition period will not exceed five years from the date of the decision of today's SDO.

    Recognition Recognition of the Accreditation Council for Colleges and Independent Schools

    "The SDO agreed with the recommendations of ED accreditation personnel and the National Quality and Institutional Integrity Committee (NACQI ) - A Federal Independent Advisory Committee, to withdraw the recognition of the Accreditations Council for Independent Schools and Schools (ACIC). The accreditors are entrusted to ensuring institutional quality and acting as a guard of access to federal student aid. This supervision helps ensure that institutions comply with promises made. To students and safeguard federal resources. In its final report of February 2021, accreditation personnel discovered that ACCs did not meet the criteria for federal recognition, including monitoring compliance with institutions and inadequate administrative capacity. Such violations in compliance, as determined by agency staff and the NACI, justify the withdrawal of federal recognition. "

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