Members of the faculty of the faculty of the Faculty of Morris carried more than their usual graduation of Regalia during the beginning ceremony of 2021 of social distancing. Many pins and shirts began to "keep the seven ccm", as they greeted the students who came out of the gym after the ceremony, simultaneously showing the support of the students and sending a message to the administration about the dismissals of seven colleagues of the faculty.

The Union of Faculty at the New Jersey Community College requests the resignation of Anthony Iacono, the President of the institution since 2016, after his administration unexpectedly fareweed six members of the School of Tenure Follow-up in April and one last December. The members of the Union believe that the terminations were unfair and motivated politically; All the people dismissed were active members of the faculty association, and two of them led the committees of the Union.

The campus has been called by the anger of the faculty and distrust of students since then. The teachers describe the generalized fear throughout labor security, some members of the main faculty are leaving the institution and almost 500 people have signed a request for students condemning the loss of the seven teachers.

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