Administration of Biden Lanza Covid-19 College Challenge to get more young vaccinates June 3, 2021 Contact: Press Office, (202) 401-1576,
  • Today, the Department of Education announced more details about the challenge University of Covid-19, where universities and universities take a commitment and commit to taking measures to vaccinate their college communities. The Covid-19 College Challenge is part of the month of Action of the Biden Administration in June by encouraging Americans to vaccinate and aim to accelerate our national progress towards the goal of President Biden of 70% of the population of American adults receiving the Less a vaccine against July 4. . First Lady Jill Biden and Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona began the challenge of his social networking platforms, encouraging the institutions of higher education to join the challenge.

    The challenge will Galvanize universities to Reach young people where they are, with the information they can use, through trust couriers, they rely and provide them with opportunities and access to vaccination. Especially during the summer, when many students are far from the campus, it is important that university leaders and student leaders make a plan to Reach all members of their campus, student, teachers and staff, to encourage them to vaccinate them now.

    "The challenge of the university vaccine is an excellent way for all postsecondary institutions to involve students, teachers and staff in an effort to keep their communities safe," said Secretary of Education of States. United, Miguel Cardona. "I encourage each university and university to take this commitment and be creative when becoming universities of vaccine champions. We must all work together to defeat this pandemic and recover the focus on educational careers of students who will put them on the road to the success".

  • Involve each student, faculty and staff member: Make sure each member of its Campus community knows that are eligible for the vaccine and have resources to find one. For example, universities can:
  • Ask a question: Encourage each student, staff, faculty and member of your college community to make a plan and vaccinate now.
  • Educate: Provide information and resources to all students and staff / faculty (virtual and in person) on the safety and availability of the vaccine in the language that young people understand.
  • Organize your university community: Lead the path by identifying the champions for vaccine efforts through campus and implement a plan to obtain as many members of their university community as possible. For example, universities can:
  • host a meeting: call a meeting of students, teachers and staff leaders from across the university community to build a worldwide plan for as much as possible People vaccinated with the greatest number of people. .
  • Student and staff leaders / faculty teachers: Designate key leaders among students and staff / faculty to promote commitment and education efforts of equal to equal and serve as resources for the community .
  • Speak: University administrators and student leaders can use their voices on social networks, school newspapers and community, and wherever they can about how vaccination takes us back to The life of the campus we know and love.
  • Deliver access to the vaccine for all: Meet your community where it is; Take vaccines in place and facilitate students, staff and faculty can get vaccinated sites near them this summer. For example, universities can:
  • make it easier for everyone who is vaccinated: they offer vaccine clinics on campus, or partner with near p


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