U.S. The Office of the Civil Rights Education Department seeks information about the non-discriminatory administration of school discipline June 4, 2021 Contact: Press Office, (202) 401-1576, Press@ed.gov
  • The Office of the US Department of Education. UU for Rights Civilians (OCR) today published a request for information that calls on the members of the public to present written comments on the administration of school discipline in schools that serve students in Pre-K to Grade 12. This information will help OCR When determining what political orientation, technical assistance or other resources can help schools improve school climate and safety, and ensure equal access to education programs and activities, in a manner consistent with Civil rights laws that run OCR. .

    "All students deserve access to safe schools, support and classrooms. Discrimination and use of excluding discipline can negatively affect students' skills to learn, grow and prosper," said the secretary. of Education Miguel Cardona. "We are looking for information for the department to help schools and educators face disparities and create inclusive school environments that establish all students for success."

    The collection of DRA Civil rights data has shown persistent disparities over time in the use of excluding discipline. The 2017-18 school year survey data show, for example, that black students represented 15 percent of student enrollment, but 38 percent of students who received one or more suspensions outside the school, and Students with disabilities represented 13 percent of students. Registration, but 25 percent of students who received one or more suspensions outside the school.

    "The laws of Civil rights of our nation require discriminatory school discipline practices," said Suzanne B. Goldberg Assistant Civil Rights Acting Secretary, "however, we have data that They show about the disparities based on race, sex and disability in the administration of discipline. We want to listen to educators, students, parents and other interested parties on how the department can support schools when dealing with disparities and eliminating the Discrimination in school discipline and fostering positive and inclusive school climates ".

    Today's information request continues the broad and sustained effort of the OCR to promote just and non-discriminatory school discipline and support the development of safe and inclusive school climates.

    last month, OCR and the Division of Civil Rights of the Department of Justice organized a virtual call, "Brown 67 years later: examining disparities in school discipline and the search for schools Safe and inclusive ", a discussion on strategies to address disparities in the administration of school discipline. Both the actions of convener and today are measures to carry out the commitment of the Biden-Harris administration with equity, established in the Executive Order of President Biden to promote racial equity and support for unattended communities through the federal government.

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