US Department of Education UU Releases COVID-19 Volume 3: Strategies for Secure Operation and addressing the impact of Covid-19 in higher education students, teachers and personnel June 4, 2021 Contact: Press Office, (202) 401-1576,
  • Today, the US Department of Education UU (department) published Volume 3 of Covid-19 Handbooks: strategies for safe operation and addressing the impact of COVID-19 in education students Superior, teachers and staff to provide additional strategies for higher education institutions (IHES) and communities as they work to reopen for instruction in person safely and equitably. The department worked with public health officials and partners through the Biden-Harris administration to ensure that the manual provides actionable strategies that IHES can use to implement the CDC orientation to prevent and mitigate the propagation of COVID-19. The manual also provides strategies on how higher education institutions can use the Funds of the American Rescue Plan (ARP) and pre-relief invoices to meet the needs of all students, increase vaccination rates on campus and address the Inequities exacerbated by the pandemic, among other topics covered.

    "Many of our nation's cardiac students have experienced the harder year in their educational careers," said Secretary of Education of the United States, Miguel Cardona. "We must deploy each resource to assume that all higher education students can be reugated with their school communities, continue their education and graduate lists to pursue their dreams. With the American rescue plan and key resources such as Volume 3 of the Covid -19 The manual, higher education institutions may not only protect the safety of students, educators and staff, but also support those students who have been disproportionately affected by the pandemic ".

    Today's release is part of the broader effort of administration to provide schools and communities with the resources and support they need to return to learning in person safely and quickly. Volume 3 of the Covid-19 manual addresses several priority areas for the Community of Higher Education, with one eye with respect to a response and recovery that leaves students and institutions from our nation of higher education stronger than before before that the pandemic began. The areas include:

  • Provide practices to help the implementation of the orientation of the CDC, such as ways to offer and promote Vaccination of COVID-19, and mitigation strategies to persecute campuses Where everyone is completely vaccinated, as well as the campuses. Where not everyone is completely vaccinated. The manual also identifies common prevention strategies and provides examples of actions that IIENSE can take with emergency relief from higher education (HEERF), the financing of the subsidy of the three relief invoices to pursue these efforts;
  • describing the ways in which IHHES have responded to the continuous challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic, especially the challenges facing populations of unattended students, by supporting the transition from students to online learning and Address basic needs, such as broadband access, financial assistance, housing and child care;
  • Notice forms in which IHHES have already been and can continue to be sources of support for the continuous response of their communities and the recovery of the pandemic, including vaccination efforts; and
  • providing a catalog of resources and administrative flexibilities offered to the gods that address the conditions and needs that change rapidly in the field, including resources that support students and gods under the ARP.

    Volume 3 of the manual incorporated the feedback of IHHES and more than 40 organizations representing stakeholders and institutions at 15 listening sessions, and developed in response to some of the most pressing questions than the department He listened from schools, students, families, educators and others

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