Almost a quarter of the Senate armchairs of the faculty say that the influence of the faculty in its institutions decreased during the Covid-19 pandemia, according to a new survey of these faculties of the American Association of University Teachers . The finding supports the conclusions of a recent investigation by AAUP in alleged violations of the rights of government and faculty shared in Multiple institutions over the course of the pandemic.

At the same time, the new chairs survey of the faculty found what previous research, given its parameters, could not: that some faculty chairs, 15 percent, in this case, reported An increase in the influence of the faculty during the last year. That is, while some institutions responded to the challenges of Covid-19 when cutting the voice of the faculty, others leaned into it.

The AAUP survey also provides a clearer image of how the administrative actions were in particular. Covid-19, beyond isolated cases, the association recently investigated. Ten percent of the faculty leaders in the institutions that are in trend said their administrations dismissed follow-up or tenure teachers, for example.

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