ProCtoru online exam examination announced earlier this week that it will no longer send artificial reports generated by the intelligence of the misconduct of students' misconduct to institutions without staff members. First reviewing the images: a development raising more questions from which it responds on higher education. Use of technology.

Proctoru, as many companies that offer remote monitoring services, use AI technology to monitor the movement of students during the testing and the activity of the flag that could indicate that a student is cheating. The typical behavior that can be marked by the AI ​​includes students who get up from their seats, without looking consistently on their screens or speaking aloud.

Previously, as part of your cheaper monitoring package, ProCtoru sent AI generated incident reports to instructors without staff members reviewing them first. The company offered this package on the condition that the instructors review the reports generated by AI. But that was not happening, said Jarrod Morgan, founder and proctoru strategy director.

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    "It is not appropriate for AI to make decisions, and it is unfair to expect Faculty to do that work," said Morgan.

    The company will continue using AI, but two staff members will now review the images of the webcam to try to ensure that students are not penalized inappropriately by innocent actions. This is particularly important for students awarded special accommodation, Morgan said.

    Find a way to ensure that there is a human supervision about the decisions of academic integrity is something that the proctoru has been discussing for a long time, Morgan said. During the pandemic, when the use of remote monitoring software was exploited, it became undeniable that the supervisory services were not being used as planned, he said.

    Some institutions use the online supervisor simply as a deterrence and rarely come with disciplinary students when AI points out a suspicious behavior. But others do not understand that the AI ​​is fallible and can act on the reports without reviewing them, said Shea Swauger, librarian and researcher at the University of Colorado in Denver, which is critical with the confidence of the instructors in online supervision tools.

    This can be a problem, because companies avoid the responsibility of doing what it is and is not cheating. googleg.cmd.push (function () googleg.display ("dfp-ad-article_in_article");) Do you want to announce? Click here

    "It is quite standard for all supervisory companies that offer assisted monitoring services or totally AI to encourage Faculty to review any marked behavior before achieving academic integrity trials," SWAUGER said. "That is a kind of the main way that these supervisory companies are eliminating responsibility when it comes to discrimination. No company is saying that they determine if there is a trap, all say that they point out a suspicious behavior, then depends on the individual institutions to determine If there is a trap ".

    The potential to discriminate against students with disabilities, students who are neurdomivers, students of color and even caregivers and parents are high when remote supervisory services are based on AI and not human judgment, Saw Swauger said.

    Even with human judgment, there is space for implicit biases and discrimination, SWAUGER said. If you are a member of the faculty and is constantly alerting that students with disabilities or medical conditions and color students are suspected of misconduct, there is a possibility that it changes how interacting with those students, he said.

    "Even if you never have an academic find

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