Declaration of the Cardona Secretary at the Nomination of President Biden of Lisa Brown May 26, 2021 Contact: Press office, (202) 401-1576,
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    The Secretary of Education, Miguel Cardona, today published the following statement on President Biden's intention to nominate Lisa Brown for the General Advisor at the Office of General Advice in the US Department of Education. UU:

    "I am delighted with the nomination to President Biden of Biden of Lisa Brown to serve As a general advisor in the US Department of Education. UU Not only Lisa has a long career in public service and the extensive experience she plays as a legal attorney, it also prioritizes her passion for mentoring first generation university students and students Interested in pursuing careers. In social justice . Your commitment to help students grow and be successful will serve as a great asset for the department, as we fight for equal opportunities for all students, the schools of Reopen America for person learning and work to close Equity gaps in our educational system. "


    on Lisa Brown

    Lisa Brown is currently Vice President and General Adviser at Georgetown University, where he provides legal advice to the President of the University, to the Board of Directors, and Senior Academic and Administrative Officers; serves in the Cabinet of the President; and advises first-generation university students and students interested in law and social justice. Brown also serves at the Junta de Trustee of the Center of Law and Social Policy, DC Theater Lab and Smyal. (Support and Torterate Youth Advocates and Leaders).

    Brown has spent an extensive time in public service. He served in the administration of President Obama, first as assistant From the President and the Secretary of Personnel at the White House, and then, as Director of Performance of the Management and Budget Office of the Office of Administration and Budget, previously he had served as a co-director of revision of the Couple Agency The Obama-biden transition project. During the administration of President Clinton, Brown began as a career lawyer I n The Office of Legal Advisory in the Department of Justice and then became advisory to Vice President Gore, where he also served as a member of the Executive Board of the President Committee For the use of people with disabilities. Between the two Administrations, Brown was Executive Director of the American Constitution Society for Law and Policy. Before entering the government, Brown was a partner at the Washington Law Firm of Shea & Gardner. She sleeked brown for Honorable John C. Godmold in the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit in Montgomery, Alabama.

    Graduate Magna Cum Laude from Princeton University with a title in Political Economics and obtained his law degree at the University of Chicago Law School, where he graduated with honors and served as an editor in Head of the Legal Forum of the University of Chicago.

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