Some institutions took the COVID-19 crisis as an "opportunity to turn the corporate model", says a new report from the American Association of University Teachers. Without declaring the financial requirement, dismissed from the faculty members "as expeditiously as if colleges and universities were business whose CEO suddenly decided to stop making widgets or closing steel works."

This phenomenon is not unknown to the AAUP. The organization conducted similar comments about certain area institutions of New Orleans after the disaster that was Hurricane Katrina. Both so that the AAUP warned at the beginning of the pandemic that Covid-19 could erode shared governance, through administrations that throw their own institutional policies.

More than a year after that warning, and following an investigation on what the AAUP interpreted as some of the greatest violations of the Faculty Rights during Covid-19, the AAUP published its resulting report today. Beyond the condemnation eight separate institutions: a list that says AAUP is illustrative, not exhaustive, by its actions during the last year, the document concludes that this is a "moment of the basin".

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