A new report points to significant and continuous disparities in which students attend subcontracted colleges compared to richer and more selective universities. The report also identifies stubborn inequities at the end of the results in the United States in racial, ethnic and socioeconomic lines and expanding gaps in higher education from education among States.

"The system is becoming increasingly stratified by socioeconomic state," said Margaret Cahalan, co-author of the Report and director of the Pell Institute for the study of the opportunity in higher education, which investigates the academic results of the students University students, first generation and disabled, and advocate better educational opportunities for them.

The annual tendency report of the Institute ", indicators of equity of higher education in the United States," explores a wide range of questions about the equity of higher education, what types of universities and Universities who attend students based on their age, racial background and economic status on how the United States compares with other countries in terms of higher education achievement rates. The report was released on Wednesday by the Pell Institute, which is supported by the Council for the Opportunity in Education, which focuses on the increase in access to the University, and the Alliance of the University of Pennsylvania for Higher Education and Democracy .

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