Schools and universities are struggling to review the campus public safety protocols following the new orientation of the centers for the control and prevention of diseases that say that people completely vaccinated against Covid-19 do not need to use masks In most of the interior and exterior environments or maintain the physical distance of others.

The CDC guide, which was issued at the end of last week, has added a layer of confusion to the already politicized debate on the mask that is carried and is causing some institutions that had masqueous mandates in the place. Some universities have begun to raise the mandates of the indoor mask, while others keep them underway, citing considerations, such as the need to increase vaccination rates and the inability to determine who is or is not vaccinated.

The CDC says that the risk of contracting the virus among vaccinated people is minimal and the risk of transmitting the virus is also reduced, which means that in indoor and outdoor environments, "totally vaccinated people can Resume activities without using a mask or physically distancing ", except when required by laws, regulations or local rules, including the workplace guidance.

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    Among the schools that have raised the mandates of the campus mask in response to the new CDC guide are The Eastern Oklahoma State College, the Georgia Institute of Technology and the Universities of Florida, Montana and Tennessee in Knoxville.

    "With the availability of vaccines and the last orientation of the centers for the control and prevention of diseases, we have reached a new milestone in our response to this virus," where Plowman, UT Knoxville's Chancellor, He wrote in a message around the world on Monday.

    "According to the CDC, vaccines reduce the risk of people to spread Covid-19 and are effective in preventing COVID-19 disease, especially a serious illness," Plowman wrote. "With the vaccines now available, both inside and outside the campus, the members of our campus community can make informed decisions about their health and how they protect themselves."

    "We will continue to promote vaccination and make it convenient that we can for people to participate," Pullowman wrote. googleg.cmd.push (function () googleg.display ("dfp-ad-article_in_article");); Do you want to announce? Click here

    Texas A & M University announced on Tuesday that I was raising your facial mask requirement for your campuses immediately, which means that the masks will not be required in the remaining start ceremonies, in response to an executive order Governor Greg Abbott, which prohibits government prohibition entities or government officials to demand facial coatings.

    Other public universities in Texas who cited the governor's executive order to raise their mask mandates included Tarleton State University, Texas State University and Texas University in Austin.

    UT Austin President Jay Hartzell wrote on a Wednesday by Campus Email that effectively, "the masks are optional within the university and outdoor buildings ... for people who are not Completely vaccinated or have weakened immunological systems, masking and social distancing are optional, but recommended. "

    State of Texas, he said in a statement that the use of a facial mask" is still strongly encouraged, especially For those who are not vaccinated. Numerous scientific studies have shown that using a facial mask can significantly reduce the transmission of COVID-19. by more than one and


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