University students who participated in online internships during the Covid-19 pandemic did not get so much experience as partners who participated in internships in person, a new study was found.

Academics at the Research Center on the Transitions of the University Labor Force, which are within the University of Wisconsin at the Wisconsin Education Research Center of Madison, published the findings of his research on online internships yesterday .

The study, which included survey data from almost 10,000 students in 11 colleges and universities, found that only 22 percent of respondents participated in an internship in the last year. Of these internships, half were in person and the rest online. The research was financed by the rapid rapid response research program of the National Foundation Foundation, known as Rapid.

When the pandemic came to the United States in the spring 2020, the interest in internships online grew, said Matthew T. hour, co-author. of the report and director of the Research Center on Transitions of the College-Workforce in UW Madison. Many people assumed naturally that most positions in person would change online, he said, but that does not seem to have been the case.

Key findings

The researchers left with several key findings:

  • The participation of the internship during the Covid-19 pandemia was low, with a 22, 1 percent of students who take an internship. Of these, approximately 50 percent took places online, and 50 percent in person.
  • Online internship network programs are fundamental to connect students and employers, but there were many more students who registered for these platforms that open positions, with demanding a distant offer.
  • Students who participated in online internships tended to have averages of high-grade points and come from high-income families, suggesting that online interns account for a narrow slice from the student population.
  • A higher percentage of online internships were unpaid internships versus person, 42 percent not remunerated online versus 34.9 percent not remunerated in person.
  • Online internmen report greater satisfaction with your experience than in person inmates. Online interns also reported lower scores for both academic value and development, as well as networking opportunities.
  • Online internships should be designed with more attention to task design, supervision and Communication.
  • Employers and postsecondary institutions will require training to improve how online internships are designed and implemented.

    The need to work with employers

    Internships can vary widely by your organization, your goals and usefulness to students and employers. Many of the challenges with outstanding online internships in the report are consistent with the challenges experienced by employees who changed to remote work during the pandemic. They include the navigation of new Communication channels.

    "Without opportunities in person, it is extremely difficult for students to establish strong connections within a work environment, namely, through the creation of networks or the casual chatting of the water cooler," said Kevin Davis, the founder and executive director of the first jobs, a non-profit organization that connects high school students in New York City with paid summer internships.

    Losing on networking opportunities is particularly detrimental to students from low-income generation or homes that have no social capital in the student's aspirant or student industry, "Davis said.

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