The Board of Trustees of the University of Florida Atlantic wants to have a definitive opinion about who has the tenure and who does not.

Currently, trustees have no role in the tenure process. While it is not unusual for trustees in other places to have some role in the tenure process, professors from Florida Atlantic are concerned about the amount of control that seems to want the Board and why.

"" We really see this as a threat to academic freedom, "said Nicole Morse, Assistant Professor of Communications and Communication Studies and Second Vice President of the Union Faculty of Campus." They are looking to happen not to have No role to have a very invasive supervision role. "

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    , it is common for government councils to have a role in the tenure process, even in other public universities in Florida. But In most places, your vote is a rubber stamp on a recommendation that has been approved by layers of Faculty reviewers, followed by major administrators. This is because the trustees are not usually academic, which means that they are not experts in what constitutes a case of strong tenure. In particular, in particular, trustees can be named politicians.

    This is the case of Florida Atlantic, where the 13-member Board includes six trustees appointed by the Governor of Florida. Five members are appointed by the Board of Governors of the State University System. The president of the Student Body and the President of the Senate of the Faculty of the University also serve.

    According to the proposed regulations, the University President would retain to the final definition in negative tenure decisions. But the Board would have a final decision on positive recommendations, both for the tracking candidates for holdings and for the tax on the appointment.

    "A brief biography of the candidates and the other information that the Board may request the Board. The Board is given together with the recommendations of the Provost and President," says the proposal. "The decision of the Board to approve or deny the granting of tenure will be a final action of the University, and the candidate will be notified in writing by the President or the Province."

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    beyond the regulations proposed in themselves, that the Union of the Faculty has dangerously "ambiguous", that the faculty members point to the comments made by the members of the Board at a recent meeting .

    Trustee Barbara Feingold, for example, in that meeting she argued that the draft policy was not far enough.

    "A paragraph does not tell us a lot about a teacher, about his views, about his investigation, about his political or potential affiliations. Donations, on peer reviews, public information, student reviews" , she said. "One reason why a managed teacher left a position to come and request another". "

    Feingold said he was talking about herself and Republican Governor Ron Desantis, who named her to the board this year to succeed her husband, Jeffrey P. Feingold, who left the board after two terms. "I'm worried about holding progress, I'm just in general," he said. "I just can not think of any other position so people have a job for life."

    Feingold also referenced (without Name) James Tracy, a former professor in Florida Atlantic who disseminated conspiracy theories on the launch of the Sand Hook School and that was finally fired for failing to complete the paperwork about its external activities.

    "I do not want to be part of a situation in which we make a encouraging vote and it comes back

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