The University of Washington and Lee is, in part, named after Robert E. Lee. Four months after the commander of the Army of Confederate States surrendered in Appomattox, he was invited to be president of what was later called Washington College, a role he filled for five years. He is venerated by many for him at the university, which was renowned to honor him in 1870. The presence of Lee at the University goes beyond the name. His body takes place in the Lee chapel of the campus, and there are portraits of the general throughout the campus. Before 2016, the chapel was the final destination of the Annual Lee-Jackson Day Parade, part of the state vacation of Virginia in honor of Lee and that of his partner of his Confederate General Stonewall Jackson.

The University has made some changes. Confederate flags are eliminated, canceled visits from Confederate Groups and change the way you talk about your story. This year, the campus hired its first Provost Associate for diversity and inclusion. In the last four years, 46 percent of the faculty hiring have been people of color.

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    , but the fight on Lee's legacy at the University has continued, since the administration is set between the former vocal students and parents who want to see traditions continue, and students and faculty That feels that the change is expired long.

    Earlier this month, Mike McAlexvey, rector of the Trustee Board, announced that the Board will make the decision on the name in June. For the supporters of the change, there is currently no consensus on what a replacement would be. While some have suggested the University of W & L, the members of the group of alumni have no unemployment, which supports the change, other options have been voluntarily offered. While there has been no so many moments to eliminate the name of George Washington (he himself a slave owner), many see the opportunity as the opportunity to start again.

    Alison Bell, professor of anthropology in Washington and Lee and a graduate of the University, said tensions around the name and confederate iconography increased in 2017, after violence when joining the right rally in Charlottesville, GOES. The murder of George Floyd and national protests throughout the summer, summer was redoubled, as statues. And the flags that venerate the Confederates approached the country.

    In July 2020, Faculty voted 188 to 51 to change the name. The university, said Bell, can not control the connotations of the word "Lee".

    "At the national and international level, we can not control these perceptions and public events such as the raid of January 6 at the Capitol. That is what is in the public eye, those confederate flags are stirred", she said. "If we decided to stay aligned with the Confederation, we are really going to be, in the opinion of many people, aligning us with white supremacy." googleg.cmd.push (function () googleg.display ("dfp -ad-article_in_article"););

    In 2018, a panel of the University published a report with recommendations for the treatment of the institution of historical memory. Some of these recommendations, such as renovating buildings and replacing the portraits of Lee in a military dress, have been promulgated by the administration. Others, such as the conversion of the chapel Lee in a complete museum, no. The panel did not recommend changing the name of the university or sports teams of the campus, the general ones.

    In March, the students celebrated a protest asking the university to change the name, or at least, hold a special meeting of the Trustee Board to consider it.

    "If it is today or in 2040, until you decide to change the name of this institution, I can assure you that most black students will stay cautious,


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