Cardona Secretary has the Virtual round table with the Members of the American Asian community and the Pacific Islander May 12, 2021 Contact: Press office, (202) 401-1576,
  • This afternoon, Secretary of Education of the USA UU Miguel Cardona held a Virtual round table with Members of the Asian American and Pacific Community islander (AAPI) to discuss their experiences during the pandemic and continuous challenges related to education in their communities.

    participants included teachers, parents and Members of the community organizations of AAPI. They shared their personal experiences with the Secretary and provided comments on the ways in which the United States Department of Education can help address racism problems, school harassment, reopen schools for learning in person and support social students, Emotional, academics and mental students. Health needs. The Cardona Secretary launched the discussion and listened to the participants shared his stories:

    "I hope that together we can create a culture in our country where we are listening to the needs of our AAPI students, especially after this past year . I want to inform you all the time that is Secretary, you have a partner in the department and someone who wants to help you raise all students, but in particular, at this time we have to make sure that our AAPI students feel embraced, Feel welcome and support this process. "

    Virtual learning during the pandemic; returning to school in person and treating the effects of socialization time lost for students; the increase in intimidation and hatred towards the AAPI community; and addressing security problems.

    A high school teacher said: "I have been teaching practically everything this year until last week, we are only transitioning back to the classroom and I have noticed that our students have lost social / emotional support during this past year . I highly recommend an increase in the amount of mental health resources at the school level for all our students, counselors and more support for restorative justice, so that our students feel that they are being supported to return. To begin to learn again, first They feel safe and comfortable and comfortable in the classroom, and again I think it begins with having an increase in mental health support. "

    Cardona closed the round table reaffirming the commitment of it from addressing these problems that affect the AAPI community. "In March, 61% of our 4th Aapi students across the country were learning remotely, and a part of Asian families who fear sending their children to an environment where they feel that they can be attacked verbally. We have to fix that. We have to be proactive about reaching our families and communities of Aapi. There are groups that understand how to support those families; we need to do a better job to connect with those groups and take them to our schools, so that families feel confident with The system. I want to continue associating and listening to make sure that all our students from all over the country have a good experience. All students benefit when we raise the voices of AAPI students and families. "

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