CERRO COSO Community College

  • Tim Allen, advice
  • Alec Griffin, Anthropology and Sociology
  • Yvonne Mills, English

    Colorado School of Minees < / p>

  • Nanette Boyle, Chemical and Biological Engineering
  • Kester Clarke, Metallúrgica and Material Engineering
  • Reza Hedayat, Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Owen Hildeth, Mechanical Engineering
  • Kyle Leach, Physics
  • Svitlana Pylypenko, Chemistry
  • Jeffrey Shulgge, Geophysics
  • Vladan Stevanovic, Metallurgical and Material
  • nils tilton, mechanical engineering
  • Gabriel Walton, Geology and Geological Engineering
  • Jaramy Zimmerman, Physics

    Valdosta State University

  • yunseon choi, library and information studies
  • peter geldrich, music
  • tamara hardesty, music
  • joseph mason, art Communication
  • Mary Beth Rousseau, Administration and A Dministration of medical care
  • Colin Walker, co arts MUMUNICATION
  • JAMIE WORKMAN, Leadership, Technology and Development of the Workforce


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    Seattle Pacific Sues Washington AG

    facing a state investigation for discriminatory hiring practices against LGBTQ+individuals, Seattle Pacific University will take the offensive, deman

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