The latest data: Since 2004, suggest that only about 4 percent of the faculty members have disabilities. In comparison, the disease control centers and prevention estimate that almost 26 percent of US adults have at least one disability.

While it is fair to say that the proportion of people with disabilities in the academy may have increased since 2004, members of the faculty. With disabilities, they still say that ACADE can be a difficult and infallible place.

By one, there may be a sense of stigma about disability. Teachers say that, regardless of their work quality, there may be a general perception that candidates with disabilities will produce a worse scholarship or cost a department.

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    Amir Haji-Akbari, Professor of Chemical and Environmental Engineering at the University of Yale, said that when it was the last time he was looking for a position of the faculty in 2013, he felt the doors were closing. When he ceased to reveal the visual disability of him in the applications, he said, said, calls and interviews finally began to enter.

    That stigma can prevent faculty members from disclosing their personal situations even after they are hired, which means that 4 percent is most likely a rise. Some disabilities may be obvious to other people, but some conditions, such as depression or post-traumatic stress disorder, can be invisible.

    Therí Pickens, president of the African Department and English teacher at Bates College, said it is likely that many more people with disabilities at the academy of what people realize. It would be wrong to assume, she said, that disability is always part of her identity with which she leads or is more remarkable about them. There are many black women with chronic diseases or disabilities at the Academy, she said.

    "Due to structural oppression, Jim Crow, Redlining, all these things, there is a higher prevalence of chronic disabilities and chronic diseases among black people in the United States," said Pickens, who has a disability.

    But it is possible, she said, that some people with disabilities do not want to join Accademe.

    "For the Academy, which especially defends the understanding of the world of body and mind, the academy may not necessarily be an attractive place for people with disabilities, due to the general commitments of the Academy with the called meritocracy, as well as an emphasis on the traditional. Forms of learning and teaching, "he said.

    The pipe to a chair can also be complicated when a person has a disability. Graduate education often requires students to take debt or undergo years of low salaries and stipends. Some disabilities may require costly medical care or treatment. Holding the second jobs can take energy that people with disabilities do not have. Finance can be more complicated for students receiving social security benefits and are subject to income layers.

    "Regularly spent a third of my stipend in medical care costs All Terms, which meant that I could never afford accessible housing regardless of where I lived," said Nicole Lee Schroeder, founder of the disabled academic collective , who received a Ph.D. From the University of Virginia this semester. "All students need to have access to a living salary, students should not be expected to work a second job, students must have financing throughout the year."

    Some faculty also say that standardized assessments and traditional learning ideas can also be interposed on the achievement of students.

    "There are some institutional policies or individual faculty that have a strict cut in mind [for the graduate registration exam SC

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