Racial justice has obtained a renewed attention in last year, both within campus environments (even those that work remotely) and in the surrounding communities. That has impacted what students are experiencing and what they think they should be doing, reveal the last student voice survey, made by the interior of ED and the Superior University and presented by Kaplan.

The survey of 2,000 students, made April 5 to 15. Includes the representation of all races, including more than 1,100 white students and around 800 people colored (with the remaining respondents who do not select any of the races listed).

below are some outstanding aspects of the results of the survey; More data and an analysis of the best results can be found here. To explore the data in addition, request the full results of the survey.

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    Aligned: on the left; Margin-left: 10px; "> The voice of students explores higher education from the perspective of students, who provide unique information about their attitudes and opinions. Kaplan provides funds and ideas to support within the highest coverage of student polling data of the University. Within the Superior Ed maintains the editorial Independence and the complete discretion about its coverage.

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