The Federal Aid of the Students of the Department of Education denies the implementation of reincorporation of the Law School for Performance today's action offers the commitment of the President Biden's campaign to arrest institutions with Prime of profit institutions of students from May 13, 2021 Contact: Press office (202) 401-1576,
  • Today, the Federal Student Aid Office (FSA) in the US Department of Education. UU (ED) informed the Florida Law School, which has refused its request for reincorporation to participate in federal student aid programs. The action gives the commitment of the President of Biden to stop the Professional Education Programs of the students of profession to the students and comes as the Secretary of Education of the EE. UU Miguel Cardona and the new head of the FSA , Richard Cordray, is underlining that the for-profit schools will be considered responsible for complying with participation standards. In the programs of Title IV of the department.

    "Too often, we see for-profit schools that try to take advantage of the students, misuse of taxpayers' dollars and the Rules are missing to participate in federal student aid programs," Cardona Secretary He said. "Today we want to be heard and understood by for-profit schools throughout the country: we will be vigilant to ensure that they comply with their commitments with students, families and taxpayers."

    The application of reincorporation for the Law School of the Costa de Florida, refused for three reasons:

  • Financial liability Rules failure:
  • not comply with the conduct Trust Standard; and
  • failure to comply with the Stan Participation Darts, including administrative capacity standards.

    "The Florida Law Coastal Law School operated in an imprudent and irresponsible manner, putting their students at a financial risk instead of providing the opportunities they were looking for," Cordray said. "Our commitment is to defend all students and ensure that their institutions are maintained at the standards that our students and communities expect and deserve."

    Today's notification arrives after the school contract with the department expired on March 31, 2021, when it was required that coastal school officials of Florida law refused to sign The contract, effectively ending school participation in federal student aid programs. At the beginning of April, Florida's coastal law school requested reincorporation.

    The additional details about the denial of the Retestance application of the Florida Law of Florida Law are detailed below:

    Failure of Financial Liability Standards

    The Federal Higher Education Law requires institutions to comply with the general Rules of financial liability to participate in federal student financial aid programs. The Florida Coastal Law School did not meet these standards because its financial compound score during the last two fiscal years was -1.0, the lowest possible score. The institution led a significant debt due to a decreasing student population and issues surrounding the closure of two other schools that were also under the same property: Charlotte's Law School in Charlotte, North Carolina and School of Law of the Summit of Arizona in Phoenix, Arizona.

    In addition, the audited financial statements for the Coastal Florida Law School contain an outreach that raises a substantial question about its ability to continue operations. Last month, the private capital firm that had had 98.6% of the institution resigned its property. This movement demonstrated its lack of will to assume any potential liability related to non-compliance instead of using its resources to support the continued participation of the school in the Federal Financial Aid programs for students.

    The institution's accreditator also found that the Florida coastal law school. I was violating other standards, as if they could not provide critical services that announces and does not meet their obligations to correctly determine the ELI student

    Charlott  Rules 

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