Cardona Secretary possesses the virtual round table with Educators to Discuss the public service loan forgiveness program May 7, 2021 Contact: Press Office, (202) 401-1576, < Li Class = "Views - Row view: Row-1 Row view: Strange view-Row-Foll-First Visit views">

This afternoon, Secretary of Education of the USA. UU Miguel Cardona held a virtual round table to Discuss the forgiveness of the public service loan (PSLF) program with Educators who have student loans and are participating in the program.

Cardona Secretary launched the Discussion and listened as Educators shared their stories:

"The forgiveness of the student loan is receiving a lot of attention, and rightly. And we are going to focus on That. We have tools in our toolbox in the Department of Education that I do not think we are working, and we have to fix them. We need to work hard to make sure that the intention of those tools, in this case, the public. From the service loan, you are working on the way you are supposed to do so. "

one by one. Teachers shared the challenges they face in the refund of their student loans and complying with the current requirements of the PSLF program.

"Sorry for a public service loan The Congress approved Ness with bipartisan support to attract talented professionals to vital jobs that are usually lower payments than the private sector. And although I did not go to this race To have my loans forgiven, I definitely welcome the help, "said Christine Conlon, an occupational therapist based on the School of Staten Island, New York, who works with students who receive special education." Reform the public The forgiveness of the loan of service is definitely necessary to make search titles in higher education and careers in the most equitable and affordable public service. Do not have the precise information about my refund prevented me from making decisions that were in my best financial interest. The uncertainty of three years was Stressable and impacted my approach from the important decisions of life, such as buying a house and starting a family. "

James Stewart, a Maryland High School Science teacher said: "The past calamity associated with the loan process and the forgiveness program of the teacher loan can not be undone, since each one From us today here and many others have suffered. But we hope you can do something to put an end to our suffering. My trip was never going to happen without a price, so I'm not looking for a free trip. But the government promised to cancel the debt. For all those who served 10 years or more as Educators. "

cardona closed the round table reaffirming its commitment to improve the PSLF program:

"There is a lot of work for us to do to make this process not only more manageable, but We also have a long way to go in terms of our customer service to make sure we are serving our borrowers and we do not put them through different obstacles in to get the support they were promised in 2007. I am committed to you that this It is a priority for me. "

Participants in the round table included:

  • James Stewart, High School Science professor of Maryland; Member of the National Association of Education.
  • Sean Ichiro Mans, New Jersey's elementary music teacher; Member of the National Association of Education.
  • Christine Conlon, Staten Island's occupational therapist, New York; Member of the American Federation of Teachers.
  • Gloria Nolan, professor of St. L Ouis, Missouri; Member of the American Federation of Teachers.
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