Declaration by Secretary Miguel Cardona on the confirmation of Cindy Marten as Deputy Secretary of the US Department of Education. UU May 11, 2021 Contact: Press Office, (202) 401-1576, Press @
  • Today, the secretary of Education of the USA UU Miguel Cardona issued the following statement on Cindy Marten's confirmation as Deputy Secretary of the United States Department of Education:

    "I am grateful for Cindy Marten confirmation today as Deputy Secretary of the United States Department of Education. As Superintendent of the second largest school district in California. And one of the longest urban school leaders in America, Cindy remained committed to San Diego when the pandemic hit, finding ways to provide technology Thousands of students and provide more than 20 million free meals to the students needed. Cindy was also associated with the local public university to stand up at All San Dieg or the Unified School District's campuses to stop the spread of the disease and protect students, staff and community. Our main priority in the Department of Education is to reopen the schools of America for person learning, support the social, emotional and academic needs of the students, and address the inequities that have been exacerbated by the pandemic. I am delighted that Cindy has accepted this challenge and I hope to work with her while he continues to serve the students of our nation as Deputy Secretary. "

    about Cindy Marten

    Cynthia" Cindy "Marten It was confirmed by the Senate of the United States as Deputy Secretary on May 11, 2021. Before joining Ed, Marten served as the Superintendent of the San Diego Unified School District since 2013. It has been 32 years as an educator, holding several roles of increasing responsibility as a teacher, specialist in literacy, vice president and director. She is the author of "Word Crafting: Spelling Teaching, K-6 ratings", which places an emphasis on literacy as a key to Success of students.

    As a superintendent, he directed the implementation of the District's 2020 vision commitment with a significant graduation for all students, with the district that achieves the M ayor graduation rate between the Big City districts in California and the fastest reading growth of large urban districts throughout the country, in 2019. In addition to its emphasis on academics, Marten has been A health and wellness champion, implementing a welfare policy for staff and students. Under his leadership, San Diego Unified received a gold recognition in the workplace health achievement index of the American Heart Heart Association for efforts to support employee welfare, and Multiple unified Schools of San Diego received the prize "Healthiest schools in America" โ€‹โ€‹of the Alliance for a healthier generation.

    Before being named superintendent, for ten years, Marten worked in one of the most ethnic and economically challenged economic communities of San Diego, at the Central Elementary School at City Heights. As a teacher, a leader of instruction, and later as director, she established a commitment to educate all the Son through an emphasis on social and emotional learning and the arts, combined with academic rigor.

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