Liz Sawyer, a student Ambassador of Cape Fee Community College, dances in front of a brick road on the Wilmington, NC, Campus, a Mash-Up Tiktok Tiktok song playing in the background.

In front of her, a text bubble says: "Why did I choose my community college to become a dental hygienist?" Scored by an Emoji of a tooth. The answers appear on the screen in the white bubble letters: smaller class sizes, accredited courses, faculty of care and staff.

The 13-second video in the Tiktok account of Cape Fee Community College has more than 95,000 visits, 6,000 tastes and 6,000 I like it and 130 comments. It has been shared 82 times. And that is not even the post most seen by the University. A video at the Community, Stigma University, obtained more than a million views in September 2020, two months after the University began its Tiktok account. @_capefearcc

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"Totally viral video," said Julie Martin, Marketing Specialist and Communication in Cape Fear. "That was the first video in which it was like, this is working, this is getting to many people."

Now, the account is full of videos of students, faculty members and staff members who dance when highlighting specific programs or enumerating the advantages of an affordable Community University degree.

"We really wanted to show the students the fun side of our campus," Martin said. "Having an adviser making a dance on social networks, do not see it a lot. People really seem like the side of fun, the lighter side."

The past academic year has felt anything else what light as the Covid-19 pandemic, the campuses closed and changed on-line courses. Registration fell at universities throughout the country, since students fought with the montage challenges of the pandemic and their accompaniment of economic slowdown employment, sick family members and adjustment obstacles to online learning. Registration falls were particularly steep in community universities, with total undergraduate registration throughout the sector at 11.3 percent this spring compared to the last, according to the latest data from the Clearinghouse National Student Clearinghouse Research Center . Meanwhile, the Covid-19 pandemic has been part of some of the most traditional methods of methods used to recruit students, such as high school visits.

Against that backdrop, Tiktok, known for its emotional facial expressions, funny memes and optimistic dance clips seemed to be worth a tool to involve future students. The inscription of the Cape Fear finally did not diminish in the autumn 2020. In fact, the number of students in semi-annual autumn courses increased a little over 1 percent compared to the previous year, and Sonya Johnson, executive director of Marketing and Relations Community, partially attributes that to the social networking efforts of the institution.

"It was a perfect type of year to throw this," Johnson said. Tiktok is a way to "meet the students where they are, on their phones".

As one of the ambassadors of the students who produce the videos, Sawyer said that the goal of it is to show the students what real life in Cape fear looks like. The videos of it show it on campus, sometimes in their scrubbers. She shares details about the request process and the prerequisites for the dental hygiene program of her. She makes dances accompanied by text bubbles about how excited she is graduating in July.

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