Point Park University Cut 17 full-time Faculty works earlier this year, but an independent referee has just said he can not do that. Meanwhile, the Faculty of the College of the City of San Francisco, has been working with its administration to find a way to avoid more than 100 layoffs from the Faculty.

For teachers, neither the arbitration in Point Park nor the payment cuts of the Faculty at the table in CCSF are ideal. But they represent two ways to preserve the work that are at risk, due in part to the pandemic.

Point Park

Point Park's Faculty Union, which is affiliated with the Pittsburgh newspaper guild, says the recent arbitration gain protects the work of the Faculty and workloads and It shows that the university can not use Covid-19 to undermine the contract.

"This was just an opportunity for the administration to try to clean the house, save a little money and replace the full-time Faculty with part-time school," said Ben Schonberger, an art professor at Point Park and a negotiator of the Union. "It's bad management, and it's really worse than just a bad management, they chose to ignore the language of the contract and attack their Faculty."

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