Johnathon Young thought about going to college inside and turned off over the years, but money was always a factor.

Placement of tiles and floor tables for a meaning of life that pays the license plate. The work also took a physical toll on him.

"is really difficult in the body," Young said.

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    I was ready for a long-term career change when your wife saw an online advertisement that promoted a program to register. At Community University free of charge.

    This summer, young, 36, will be a university student for the first time, the compliments of a state program designed for adults as he have never attended or completed the university.

    The Michigan Reconnection Program, launched in February by the Department of Economic Work and February, allows the state residents of 25 years and older to attend the universities of the local community, however, always and when they have a high school diploma or equivalent. He steried and no longer graduated from college.

    He took a young hour to complete the request, and a few days later, he was accepted at Henry Ford College in Dearborn, a mile from his house.

    Young's reaction was: "Ok, it would be quite silly not to do this."

    He is not alone. The officials of the State Labor Department expected the demand to be high when they developed the reconnection program. They estimated that they would obtain 60,000 applicants for Memorial Day, but more than 67,000 people have been applied so far, and more applications will be presented every day.

    "The word 'free' is a very powerful motivation concept," said Michael Hansen, president of the Association of Community Schools of Michigan. "And, although obviously it is not completely free, it is free of enrollment," he said, referring to the total cost of the University, including expenses, such as textbooks, transport and other costs.

    The program requires that all students apply. For federal financial aid to participate in the last dollar program, which means that the State will pay for the rest of the registration costs not covered by federal grants. Once accepted, students are four years old to win their titles. The program also includes the Michigan Skills Scholarship, which offers students up to $ 1,500 towards enrollment at a school or trading program.

    Young, the installer of floors, is between 16 percent of the applicants who attend the university for the first time. . A little of more than 50 percent of the applicants return to the university, and approximately 33 percent of the applicants were already enrolled and will have the rest of their covered enrollment.

    The program is part of the objective of Michigan Governor Getchen Whitmer for 60 percent of state residents get a skill title or university degree by 2030.

    Michigan Reconect offers a Clear benefit for adult students, but the impulse is also driven by local labor market demands, said Susan Corbin, director of Action of the Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity. She estimates that there are around 4.1 million people 25 years of age or older in the state without a university degree.

    "In Michigan, we are simply not competitive in the region," Corbin said. "We are not competitive with the states that surround us because we need a more talented workforce. We hear we hear from so many local employers who have jobs that go without filling because they do not have people with the right skills. That is absolutely the impulse for the program. We are Seeing where there are jobs on demand, where there are jobs that go without filling and where we believe there will be work in the future. "

    The Michigan Reconnection Program website provides data and other information about job data that is most requested in the state, including a breakdown by geographical area so

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