It's been 25 years since the physicist Alan Sokal Punked Acanese, obtaining a non-purpose nonsical document published in a peer-reviewed magazine. And it has been almost so much time since the philosophy and literature of the journal ceased its bad writing contest to dishonor the "more stylistically regrettable passages". "Therefore, academic writing is still quite bad, according to a new study in the marketing magazine. However, the study further showing impenetrable writing will not die. Through various experiments, the authors of the study try to burst These "myths" on academic prose: that academic articles are not intended for a broad audience, that little clear writing impresses readers and that academics already know what makes their writing is impenetrable, and how to avoid their writing . It.

"Our biggest objective with this document was to convince the academics that the little clear writing is a problem, even if we are only writing for an audience of niches from other scholars," said co-author Matt Farmer, a Ph.D. Marketing candidate at the University of Arizona.

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