When George Floyd was killed by a police officer in Minneapolis last May, Covid-19 deras forced university students who could have marched in indignation with their campus peers to join the protests in other places. That left most university leaders outside the Action and, in addition to freeing compulsory statements that denounce racism, a little outside the hook in participation.

In contrast, he considers Tony Allen, president of the Delaware State University, a historically black public university. . Listening on the planned participation of the students of him in the community protests, he attended to affirm his support. "I told myself: 'Now is the time to appear and shut it down," says Allen, who had only been leading the institution for a few months at that time.

While the leaders of HBCU Don 'T feel the same type of load that the typical white president to demonstrate that anti-alactic messages are more sincere, they obtain Action student requests. The leaders of the Government Association of Student Student Students of the State called three steps the previous spring: 1) The creation of a Boulevard by Matter Mattery Black Lives by the Time Campus reopened, 2) a review of sellers and subcontractors To guarantee a commitment to the capital, and 3) continuous commitment to the university police.

Allen agreed immediately to the first application, as long as it can be supported by fundraising and students led the project. The second request, also driven by the participation of students, made sense to Allen, and a review is in progress. The third question resulted in an informal barbecue for students and campus police once it was safe. "When you go to an HBCU, they thought that Delaware State should be led for example," he says.

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The voice of students explores higher education from the perspective of students, providing unique information about their attitudes and opinions. Kaplan provides funds and ideas to support within the highest coverage of student polling data from the University. Within the Superior ED maintains the editorial Independence and wide discretion about its coverage.

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Additional Actions included a forum Virtual June 2 with the head of the campus police, two law enforcement leaders of the entire state, professor and two students. A student expressed a familiar feeling for other black Americans: "In very elementary words, we are afraid ".

A new student voice survey, made by the highest interior and the pulse of the university and presented by Kaplan, finds that many students were disappointed by their friends' answers IOS to Floyd's death.

Of the 2,000 college students surveyed between April 5 and 15, almost half of memory receives an email from their institution, and around three in 10 recalls a statement that expresses support for BLM. Universities were much less likely to have taken audacious measures, such as the development of a comprehensive Action plan of racial justice.

"That's exactly what the presidents do: we emit a statement," says Lori White, president of the University of Depauw in Indiana. "We organize conversation circles, we offer advice, we activate a working group, or respond to the demands that students have given us, but we all know that none of that is moving the needle."

White Said National National Eded Eduggs, including racial justice as a problem, but none was completely focused on it. So she took the initiative to found the Alliance of Racial Leadership of the University of Liberal Art. Established by the end of 2020 through the career of the University of Southern California, the group now has almost 70 member schools.

The student voice survey also asked about the individual Actions taken last year, how campus talks on race have evolved, and the role of higher education in racial justice and equality. In many cases, students of all this were not strongly involved in these issues this year, but they are noticing a changing climate of the campus. The survey includes perspective

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