When Bentley Wallace became president of South Arkansas Community College in February of last year, he planned to embark on a listening tour that would connect him with teachers and staff members, students, community members and elected officials at home From the University of El Dorado, Ark.

He and his wife, Darby, were eager to know the new home after moving 120 miles south of North Little Rock, Ark. Wallace has years of experience at Community universities in Arkansas, but he 'never before had been a university president. However, it priorities for the small public university, two years rapidly changed past spring to focus on the management of the Covid-19 pandemic.

"I had this great vision of what could be seen the first 100 days." Wallace said. "Then everything came with the pandemic, my experience was the uncertainty about what was supposed to do with the uncertainty of what we are all we are going to do."

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    keeping students and employees safe and their institution afloat during last year was the main priority for Most first-year college presidents who entered their roles before or during the Covid-19 pandemic.

    The colonel of the United States Air Force retired Mark Anarumo, president of the University of Norwich, a military university in Northfield, Vt., Said he also put his goals for college in the burner rear. . Thus, Laura Walker, president of Bennington College in Vermont; Kenneth Daly, president of St. Thomas Aquinas College in Sparkill, N. and.; And Maurie McInnis, president of Stony Brook University in New York. Each one intervened in their respective presidencies between February and August of last year.

    "I had things that I really wanted to do in my first year, and really only became a survival mode," Anarumo said. "It was not time for me to bring a change, because it would have been too disturbing."

    Although the responses of two institutions to the pandemic were not performed, the five experiences of the first-year presidents were quite similar. The five had to know their colleagues and students through videos with chats or groups of socially distant meetings. They had to pour money in the prevention efforts of Covid-19 and the losses of unexpected income of time while they knew the financial stories of their institutions. And its success can be judged using the same criterion: How well did the Covid-19 pandemic handle?


    Anarumo took over Norwich, the oldest private military university in the United States, when Richard Schneider retired in May 2020 after 28 years as president. Schneider was very dear, and being the new guy was a bit intimidating, Anarumo said.

    "With that level of longevity and worship, well-deserved adoration, it was difficult to follow it." He said. "There was the discomfort that is natural at that length of a holder."

    Daly became president of St. Thomas Aquinas on the heels of Margaret Fitzpatrick, who had spent a quarter of a century at the institution.

    For the two new presidents, the collaboration with its predecessors helped soften the transition. For months before assuming the presidency, Daly worked with Fitzpatrick in future planning for college.

    "She directed the day to day, and I led the future, since she would scratch me," said Daly. "That allowed me, on July 1 to 7 July at 7 in the morning, so that she really hit the terrain running."

    The following challenge for the five presidents was to meet students, colleagues and board members.

    McINNIS, which began at Stony Brook July 1, tried to say that he does so many opportunities for

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