Indiana Kokomo University

  • Erin Doss, Communication
  • Alina Mihai, Education

    Indiana Northwest

  • Kate Gustafson, English < Li> Sharon Pratt, Education
  • Maureen Rutherford, Psychology
  • Ian Taschner, Chemistry

    University of Alabama at Huntsville

  • Jeremy Elliott, Kinesiology
  • John Harfouch, Philosophy
  • Kavan Hazeli, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
  • Sandra Lampley, Curriculum and Instruction
  • Shannon Mathis, Kinesiology
  • maria pour, electrical engineering and computer engineering
  • roller sarah, curriculum and instruction


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    Design Degrees for Social Justice

    Students of architecture and postgraduate planning that are committed to working on positions related to social justice for at least three years afte

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