U.S. The Department of Education announces Richard Cordray as Director of Operations Chief Federal Aid for Students May 3, 2021 Contact: Press Office, (202) 401-1576, Press@ed.gov
  • The US Department of Education UU (ED) announced today that has Selected Richard Cordray as Director of Federal Student Operations Help. Cordray is the former Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Office and former Ohio Attorney General. Federal Student Aid is responsible for managing the authorized student financial assistance programs under Title IV of the Higher Education Act of 1965, including subsidies, work-study and student loans attending university school or in the race.

    US Secretary UU Education Miguel Cardona issued the following statement about the CordRay selection:

    "I am delighted that Richard Cordray will join the Department of Education as the director of Federal Student Aid Operations. It is essential that students and student loan borrowers may depend on the Department of Education to help pay for college, support loans in reimbursement and the solid supervision of postsecondary institutions. Cordray has a strong track record As a dedicated public official who can address great challenges and get results. I am sure that under his leadership, Federal Help for students will provide the type of service that our students, families and schools deserve. "

    About Richard Cordray

    Richard Cord Ray served for six years as the first director of the Consumer Financial Protection Office (CFPB). During the mandate of it, the CFPB brought compliance actions that returned more than $ 12 billion to 30 million Americans. Before joining the CFPB, Mr. Cordray served as the Ohio Attorney General, where he and his team recovered more than $ 2 billion for Ohio's retirees, investors and business owners, and took important measures to protect Consumers of fraudulent foreclosures and financial predators. He also served as Treasurer of Ohio, as a state representative in Ohio, and as the first comment of the General State.

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