• Erika Nash Cameron, Associate Professor and Departmental Chair at Leadership School and Education Sciences at the University of San Diego, California, has been chosen as a supplier and vice president of academic affairs at Universidad Palo Alto, also in California.
  • Brad Carson, Professor of Public Policy at the University of Virginia and the first American performance under the Secretary of Defense, has been appointed president of the University of Tulsa, in Oklahoma.
  • Michael Evans, Vice President of Academic Affairs and Academic Director for the Campus-based Program at the Southern University of New Hampshire, has been selected as President of Peru State College, in Nebraska.
  • Tyler Hart, administrative director of Richard Bland College, in Virginia, has been named Provost there.
  • William Heineman, Provost In the north of Essex College community, at Massachusetts, has been chosen as president of North Shore Community College, also in Massachusetts.
  • Juli El Post, Vice President of Student Affairs at Gwinnett Technical College, in Georgia, has been named President of West Georgia Technical College.
  • Kayse Shrum, president of the Oklahoma State Health Science Center, has been selected as President of Oklahoma State University.
  • Gregory Truckenmiller, interim president of Fulton-Montgomery Community College, in New York, has been appointed to work permanently.


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