Declaration of Cardona Secretary at the Nomination of President Biden of Roberto J. Rodríguez April 28, 2021 Contact: Press Office, (202) 401-1576,
  • Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona issued the following statement today in the President Biden's intention of nominate Roberto J. Rodríguez for Assistant Secretary of Planning, Evaluation and Development of Policies in the Department of Education of the United States:

    "thanks President Biden has nominated Roberto J. Rodríguez to act as Assistant Secretary of Planning, Evaluation and Development of Policies in the Department of the United States. Education. As the Son of the Educators of the Public School and the grandson of immigrants, Roberto has dedicated his career to organize, support and raise the voices and the vision of educators in the process of Development of policies. He has a solid record of molding bipartisan policies that are informed by the experiences of educators. Roberto is also a fierce defender of educational equity, who will guarantee that we prioritize, replicate and invest in solutions that work for all students. I am grateful that he has responded once more to the call to serve the students of our nation and wait for his confirmation. "

    About Roberto J. Rodríguez

    Roberto Rodríguez brings extensive leadership of policies, experience and lifelong commitment to promote educational equity and the opportunity. This distinguished career in public service includes high government roles in two presidential administrations, on the Board of White House Domestic Policies and in The United States Senate for US US Senator UU Edward M. Kennedy (D-MA). His dedication to education began to raise the voices of Latino families, students and educators. In the last two Decades, he has played a key role in virtually all important education policies and legislative reform at the national level.

    Rodríguez is currently president and CEO of Teach Plus, an organization n Non-profit aid. He dedicated to elevating the leadership and the voice of the teacher to advance in educational equity. The son of public school educators, the parents and grandparents of him emigrated to the United States of the Dominican Republic, Venezuela and Mexico. Rodríguez grew up in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and holds a B.A. from the University of Michigan and one m.eled. from Harvard University. He lives in Washington, DC, with his wife and his wife.

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