Cardona Secretary, Senator Manchin and Senator Murray held the round table with students who experience the lack of housing to discuss the resources of the US rescue plan April 23, 2021 Contact: Press office, (202 ) 401-1576,
  • this afternoon, The Cardona Secretary celebrated a virtual round table with us. Joe Manchin (WV) and Patty Murray (WA), where they spoke with students who have experienced the lack of housing. The conversation came to the heels of the Department of Education (ED) that announced plans to distribute $ 800 million in funds from the US rescue plan to States to support students who experience the lack of housing, particularly those disproportionately affected by The pandemic ED will distribute $ 200 million from total financing to states on Monday.

    Cardona Secretary heard as students shared their stories:

    "Among the problems that affect the ability of our students to learn is the instability in the place where they live, and the Lack of housing is a problem that is of critical importance. It is difficult to learn if you ask if you are wondering where you are going to be staying at night, or if there is no stability there and has no support that you should make sure that our Students can learn at high levels and address the lack of student housing. Problems that are critically important. All of you are stronger than most students in this country, and it is resistant. You will grow. It is our job to make sure. That we support it because it has a lot to offer. "

    SEN. Joe Manchin discussed the importance of sharing these stories and providing relief to these students.

    "It is vital to provide all our young students a platform to share their stories and experiences. I am happy with the Department of Education, it is committed to helping our children and young people to succeed despite the Challenges they face. We all know, last year I have added charges for all of us, especially our children who experience the lack of housing, but we will spend it together, as always, by supporting our American companions in need. All and every One of you here today embody resilience, strength and determination. "

    SEN. Patty Murray thanked students for sharing their experiences and applauded the funds appointed in the US rescue plan that will help students who are experiencing the lack of housing.

    "last year has been so difficult for each student and father and educator throughout the country. But what students who are experiencing the lack of housing have happened are really unthinkable ... so as Mom and a grandmother, my heart really comes out to each one because these are struggles that no child should have to endure. Please, I know I want you to know, we are fighting for you. We are heard. You are not alone. That there is a dedicated support in the US rescue plan. "

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