Confident Provosts in the academic quality of its institutions, despite the negative changes caused by the pandemic, according to the 2021 survey of the academic officers of the University and the University, published today within the upper investigation of Ed and Hannover.

By expressing confidence, suppliers were not blind to the costs of the options of pandemic and academic leaders on how institutions should respond. Close to one out of every four provisions said that his institution had reduced the faculty positions during the pandemic. They said that most of the positions were attached (67 percent), but they are also cut, they were unntented, tenure monitoring faculty (19 percent).

More providers of private institutions that the public said that the disciplines of the humanities were disproportionately cut (33 percent versus 4 percent).

Provoths also said:

  • The institutions will probably offer more hybrid and online courses after the pandemic.
  • Around six in 10 the Provosts indicate that the members of the faculty feel at least very or extremely committed to their work, but the much smaller percentages report that their faculty feels very connected or extremely connected A (18 percent) or supported by (38 percent) to the administration.
  • Your institutions are re-examined from your curriculum to ensure that it is inclusive and diverse (64 percent), as well as adopting new diversity objectives for the hiring of faculty and staff (52 percent) . More projects of private institutions (69 percent) report that their faculty was very or extremely receptive to these changes than those of public (49 percent). More about the survey

    within the survey of the 2021 upper ED University. And the academic officers of the University were conducted by Hannover's research for the first time this year. The survey included 183 projects of public institutions, private non-profit and for-profit. A copy of the report can be downloaded here.

    within surveys of regularly higher high professional ED professionals in a range of topics.

    Wednesday, May 26, within ED Superior will present a free webcast to discuss the results of the survey. Register here.

    The survey within the ED Superior of the Academic Officers of the University and the University was partly possible for the support of Oracle, Wiley Education Services, APL to SUPDO, D2L, AWS and the Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi.

  • Although provocations believe that an education of liberal arts is essential for quality education, they also indicate that it is declined. Although 93 percent agrees that an education of liberal arts is essential for undergraduate studies, 73 percent said they hope to see that the number of liberal arts colleges decrease significantly in the next five years. In addition, the majority (92 percent) says that the education of the Liberal Arts is not well understood in the U.S.
  • Most suppliers (84 percent) agree that a high quality undergraduate education requires healthy departments in fields such as English. But they also observe that politicians and board members are prioritizing stem and professionals on general education (72 percent). In addition, only 28 percent believe that there will be important funds allocations to arts and science programs in the next budget of your institution.
  • Around nine in 10 Provosts report that your university responds effectively and fairly to the allegations of sexual harassment.
  • Sixty percent does not believe that graduate students may be unionized, and only 4 percent of suppliers indicate that their colleges have graduated students' unions. The greatest factor that guides those who do not want graduate students are the beliefs that graduate students are mainly students and employees in second place.

    This year's survey was completed in 183 projects (or in institutions without a provocation, the person who is vice president of academic matters). All the answers were anonymous but ordered by sector.

    Academic health of the university

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