Hudson County Community College

  • Eric Adamson, English
  • Aljamal Faisal, Computer Science
  • Peter Cronrath, Business

    Logence University

  • Ingrid Albrecht, Philosophy
  • Matthew Arau, Musical Education
  • Chloe Armstrong, Philosophy
  • Stephanie Burdick-Shepherd, Education < / Li>
  • Horacio Contreras, Music
  • John Holiday, Music
  • Danielle Joyner, Art History
  • Victoria Kononova, Russia < Li> Nora Lewis, Music
  • Brigid Vance, History


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    Image of  Irish President Warns of ‘Market-Driven’ Universities
    Irish President Warns of ‘Market-Driven’ Universities

    The President of the Republic of Ireland has issued a warning that the "ruin" of the university tradition is "at hand", with scholarship and teaching

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