U.S. Department of Education Green Ribbon Schools announced Award for Honors Schools, Districts and Postsecondary Institutions to reduce the impact and environmental costs, improve health and well-being, offer effective education of sustainability April 22, 2021 Contact : Press office, (202) 401-1576, Press@ed.gov
  • The US Department of Education UU Today Launch of the Names of the US Department of Education Green Tape. UU USA UU, to those granted for the Sustainability of the District and The postsecondary sustainability prizes.

    across the country, 27 schools, three early learning centers, five districts and five postsecondary institutions are being honored by their innovative efforts to reduce environmental impact and public service costs, improve health and Wellness, and guarantee effective sustainability education.

    Three State Education Officers, Joseph Dasilva, Manuel Cordero, and Mario Carreño, in the Building Authority Department of the Education Department of Rhode Island, are also recognized for their efforts to promote school sustainability.

    "The pandemic has led to your home the vital importance of school buildings and land; health and well-being; and authentic learning of the hands," said Secretary of Education of the United States, Miguel Cardona . "I congratulate schools, districts and postsecondary institutions, which are, through their sustainability practices, which offer healthy, safe and efficient school environments and protect our planet. It is not surprising that many of our Homer support students in Unattended communities, demonstrating once again. That the practices of the green schools, which cover the best practices of school operations, health and environmental learning, are critical tools to advance in equity. "

    The list of all schools, districts, universities and selected universities, as well as their nomination packets, can be found here. Here you can find a report with highlights in the Homéreos. More information about the Federal Recognition Award can be found here. The resources so that all schools move towards the three pillars are here.

    Below is the list of 2021 US tape schools. UU Education from EE. UU, District Sustainability Alements and Postsecondaria Sustainability Awards:

  • - Tuscaloosa - Schools of the city of Tuscaloosa, Category: District.
  • CA - Hillsborough - The New School, Category: School.
  • ca - Indian - Roosevelt Elementary School, Category: School.
  • CA - Los Altos - High School, Category: School.
  • ca - Perris - May Ranch Elementary School, Category: School.
  • ca - Westminster - Fryberger Elementary School, Category: School.
  • DC - Washington - C. Bilingual Public Letters School, Category: School.
  • DC - Washington - Francis Scott Key School Elementary School, Category: School.
  • FL - Jacksonville - Christ The King Catholic School, Category: School.
  • il - Winfield - Wheaton Christian Grammar School, Category: School.
  • in Indianapolis - Paramount Brookside, Category: School.
  • en - goalkeeper - Discoververy Charter School, Category: School.
  • KY - Lexington - The Academies of the High School station, Category: School.
  • KY - PADUCAH - West Kentucky Community and Technical College, Category: Postsecondaria institution.
  • La - Hammond - Southeeste Louisiana University, Category: Postsecondaria institution.
  • MO - Louis - Flance Remover Learning Center, Category: Early Learni


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