The University of Wheelock was founded in 1888 and was known to train teachers and other professionals in the Boston area. In 2018, Wheelock closed, merging with Boston University to become the College of Education and Human Development of Meat Meat Meat Meat. When universities close: Leading at a time of crisis (Johns Hopkins University Press) tells the story of Wheelock changes from a personal perspective. The authors are Mary L. Churchill, who was Vice President of Academic Affairs in Wheelock and is the founding editor of "The University of Venus", one of the highest blogs of Ed, and David J. Chard, the former Wheelock president. Churchill and Chard currently works in Bu Wheelock.

that they responded by email to questions about your book.

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  • Community colleges that maintain more online classes < Li class = "popular-article"> Fusion talks begin between long-standing seminars in PA.

    A: This book was written to illuminate the very specific case of the closure and merger of Wheelock College at the University of Boston. We feel that the lessons we learned could be transportable to other contexts. Our goal was to provide a section of "Lessons for Leadership" at the end of each chapter that helps the reader by providing questions or thoughts, they could reflect on thinking about their own contexts. One of the most important lessons for those who consider a merger is that proactive planning for a merger requires audacious leadership by the Board of Trustees of an institution.

    Q: Your initial decision to look for a fusion partner was controversial partly because Wheelock did not seem at the edge of closing without him. Why did you decide to look for a partner?

    A: While we were not on the edge of the closure, many data points, including regional demography, the discount rates of the first year, the load of graduate debt and deferred maintenance were part of a growing trend that points out budgetary challenges and concerns about our ability to offer a high quality experience for our students. Our Board of Trustees examined this well before the decision to look for an external partner.

    Q: In the search for a partner, it was finally with the University of Boston, which is a very different institution from Wheelock. Why did not you go with a similar institution?

    A: We had Multiple options that resulted from an RFP process that was sent to many institutions throughout the country. Our Strategic Options Committee was commissioned to examine all viable proposals. We had institutions that were more similar to us than the University of Boston. However, we examine Multiple dimensions of the proposals in our process of discernment that included the capacity of the institution of sociation to support our existing students to achieve their academic goals, extend our mission and honor our legacy, and fully use the greatest number of teachers and staff. In addition, we were looking for a partner who saw Wheelock College as a value to its programming, instead of simply an acquisition. After a care of Asse


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