Declaration of Cardona Secretary at the Nomination of President Biden of Gwen Graham April 16, 2021 Contact: Press office, (202) 401-1576,
  • Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona issued the following statement today in the President's intention to nominate Gwen Graham for the Undersecretary of the Assistant Legislation and Affairs of the Congress in the US Department of Education. UU:

    "I appreciate that President Biden has nominated Gwen Graham to serve as assistant secretary of Legislation and Affairs of Congress in the United States Department of Education. Graham contributes decades of invaluable experience as a leader of public education, federal legislator and public servant to this role. as graduate of public schools and parents of graduates of the public school, is very aware of the im Back of a strong public education system that serves all students well. Graham's service prior to the premises. The communities and for our country will be instrumental in the configuration and implement the legislative objectives and strategies of the department. I am grateful for your willingness to serve the students of our nation in the department and we look forward to its quick confirmation. "

    About Gwen Graham

    Gwen Graham, who perfected his commitment to the service public as a leader in the local public schools of Florida, is a former member of the respected Congress with a reputation for impartiality, compassion and problem solving. Graham served as representative of the Congress of the Second District of Florida during the 114th Congress and was known as One of the most bipartidist members of the house. She is a lawyer and before her service at Congress, Graham focused her practice in public education as head of labor relations and employee for the Leon County School District. involved in all aspects of the educational process and was recognized for its integrity and equity. The Florida Education Association and the Leon Classroom Teachers Association were the E First organizations to support the candidacy of it. She also served as AB. Member of the rowing of the educational negotiators of Florida throughout the state. Graham is a proud product of public education K-12, as well as her children of her, and served as president of the PTA and president of the School Advisory Board, while they were young. She has worked in a series of presidential campaigns, and in 2004 she served as a substitute coordinator of John Kerry in Florida. She is currently as director of the Boat Boat Bob Graham for public service at the University of Florida, the State Parks Foundation of Florida, the list of Ruth, and as Vice President of the Board of Independent Ethics of the City of Tallahassee .

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