The number of students transferred between universities continued to decrease this spring, falling almost 8 percent in all transfer roads between and between different institutions of two years and four years.

Community colleges have been particularly steep the transfer registration decreases this semester, while the number of students transferred from four-year colleges to four-year institutions increased slightly, a new report of Clearinghouse National Student Clearinghouse Research Center.

The decline of the entire board in the transfer registration was not as steep, since it was this fall, when it fell by more than 8 percent. But the decrease in spring at the transfer rates continued to surpass the general decrease in undergraduate registration. jQuery (document) .rey (function () var cutsubmit; jQuery ('# block-block-block-181 .Popular-link'). Click (Function () in which the Umbri = jQuery (this ) .attr ("href"); GA ('send', 'event', 'in the popular article at this time', 'in the article', the subdijo););); .Panel-panel. Most popular margin: 1em 0 2EM; Filling of titlePopular: 0; Bottom filling: 8px; Borders: 2px solid # EF7521; Color: # 000; Width: 100%; Source size: 18px; Source weight: 500; Transformation of text: capital letters; Text-aligned: left; Bottom margin: 18px; Top margin: 14px; . Size of FontPopular-Article: 16px; Height of the line: 20px; Fill: 0! Important; Lower margin: 12px; Source weight: 500; .Popular-item: HoverBackground: #eee; More popular

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    The number of students moving from a two-year university to another decreased by more than 9 percent this spring compared to this time last year, while the number of students who They are transferred from a four-year institution to a two-year institution fell by almost 21 percent year with the year. Combined, these types of transfers represent approximately 43 percent of all transfers of this spring.

    The new report on the transfer of students, mobility and progress, published today, is the third in a series by the National Student Clearinghouse Research that analyzes students transfer patterns During the pandemic. The last report analyzes the transfers from February 25 and examines the interannual changes in 74 percent of the institutions that participate in the center of Clearinghouse, which is a non-profit organization that provides educational reports, data exchange and Research services. The data covers 532,000 transfer students. The results of the report are preliminary and will be updated later this spring.

    "Transfer registration decreases this spring is attributed greatly to the lowest registration levels. The last fall and a higher rate of destruction of falls in the spring during Covid-19," Doug Shapiro , Executive Director of the Clearinghouse National Research Center, said in a statement. "As the pandemic continues to change the postsecondary landscape, colleges and universities must address the needs of students who are most affected."

    The number of transfers of schools from two years to four years increased this spring by 3 percent compared to the same time last year, shows the report. It is the only transfer route that is not experiencing decreases this term. Transfers two years to four years also make up the largest part of the transfer cake, which represent more than 36 percent of the university transfers this spring.

    This is not surprising John Fink, a Senior Research Associate at the College Community Research Center and a Student Transfer Expert. Degree degrees give most workers a leg in the labor market, he said.

    "The Bachelor's degree is really the credential that is increasingly to ensure a more stable position in the labor market. One that, yes, pays more, but it is also resistant to economic receptions such as the


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