When the online learning provider dust Initial public offering from Coursera at the end of March, the company has become clear at the table as one of the most valued ED technology companies in the world.

The company, which was co-founded by professors from Stanford University Andrew NG and Daphne Koller almost a decade ago, has announced its intention to go on a stock market earlier this year.

Investors who bought shares over the years The initial public offering company paid $ 33: the high range of the initial destination range of $ 30 to $ 33 of the company. . On his first day of quote in the New York Stock Exchange on March 31, Actions closed at $ 45 jQuery (Document) Ready (Function () Var WhichSubmit; jQuery ('# block-block-181 .Popular-Link ') .click (Function () = WhichSubmit jQuery (east) .attr ("href"); ga (' send ',' event ',' in-article popular at this moment ',' in-article ', whichsubmit) ;);); .Panel-panel. Most popular margin: 1em 0 2EM; Filling of titlePopular: 0; Bottom filling: 8px; Borders: 2px solid # EF7521; Color: # 000; Width: 100%; Source size: 18px; Source weight: 500; Transformation of text: capital letters; Text-aligned: left; Bottom margin: 18px; Top margin: 14px; . Size of FontPopular-Article: 16px; Height of the line: 20px; Fill: 0! Important; Lower margin: 12px; Source weight: 500; .Popular-item: HoverBackground: #eee; The most popular




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